18th November 2015: Prof. Murray Smith, ‘Film, Art and the Third Culture’

Murray Smith, Professor of Film at the University of Kent, will deliver the inaugural Beacon Institute for Art and Science Annual Lecture. Drawing on his forthcoming book, and with a nod towards the ‘two cultures’ debate triggered by C.P Snow, Professor Smith will discuss the prospects for a ‘third culture’ integrating the knowledge, goals and methods of the arts and sciences.

26th-27th September 2015: Lighthouse Launch Performance

The evening performance events will coordinate with performance in Genoa and New York facilitated by C&T theatre technology. Public engagement will be through workshops at the venue and participation in sections of the performance, including The Brompton Academy.

27th – 30th June 2015: Interacting with Autism 

A three day symposium bringing together artists, psychologists and clinicians looking at Autism Spectrum Conditions.

Saturday 30th May 2015: Interacting with Dementia

A one-day symposium on dementia, arts and health, led by Dr. Ania Bobrowicz (SEDA).

Saturday 7th February 2015: Beacon Applied Theatre Training with Tim Webb

Tim Webb, director of Oily Cart Theatre Company which specialises in work for children with autism and other learning difficulties, led a workshop on his methods.

Friday 30th January 2015: Dr. Mike Forrester Research Seminar.

‘Intersubjectivity in Child-Focussed Conversation Analysis’

Wednesday 28th January 2015: Beacon Applied Theatre Training with Kelly Hunter

Kelly Hunter, actress and participatory arts practitioner specialising in Shakespeare performance activities with children on the autistic spectrum, led a workshop on her methods.

Saturday 17th January 2015: Changing Lives Through Live Art

Hosted by the Beacon Institute, University of Kent and Elusive Evidence, York St. John University. Facilitated by C & T Theatre.

Thursday 4th December 2014: Prof. Vince Walsh Research Seminar

‘Art and Science Public Engagement: Interdisciplinary Pedagogy’

28th October 2014: Cognitive Approaches to Audience and Emotion: Historical Perspectives

A panel discussion with Dr. Angeliki Varakis-Martin and Prof. Robert Shaughnessy.

Dr. Angeliki Varakis-Martin, ‘Positive Emotion and Cognition in the Spectating of Aristophanic Comedy’

Prof. Robert Shaughnessy, ‘Connecting the Globe: Actors, Audience and Entrainment’

Saturday 11th October 2014: Beacon Applied Theatre Training with Magpie Dance

The Beacon Institute training programme commenced with a full day workshop. This is the first of a programme of workshops for arts practitioners working in community and health contexts, sharing approaches to training and evaluation.

19th September 2014: Performance and Science: An Interdisciplinary Colloquium

A panel discussion with Dr. Evelyn Tribble and Dr. Freya Vass Rhee.

Dr. Evelyn Tribble, ‘Is All Our Company Assembled’?: Reflections on Interdisciplinary Work’

Dr. Freya Vass-Rhee, ‘Minding metaphor: Re-grounding arts-sciences interdisciplinarity through pedology’