Interacting with Autism Videos

Prof. Nicola Shaughnessy summarises the aims and themes of the event.


What Dance Can Do for Boys with Autism

Carolien Hermans from the University of Utrecht presents her talk, “Perspective taking, sense of agency and intentionality: what dance can do for boys with autism”


Computerised Motor Therapy for Autism

Dr.Emma Gowen from the University of Manchester presents her talk “Developing a computerised motor therapy for autism through imitation”


How Puppets Have Been Used in Imagining Autism Environments

Dr. Melissa Trimingham, Senior Lecturer in Drama at the University of Kent, explains how puppets have been used in Imagining Autism environments.


An Introduction to Oily Cart

Tim Webb, artistic director of Oily Cart, explains how the theatre company was founded and some of its methods


Games for Children with Autism

Dr. Matthew D. Lerner of Stony Brook University demonstrates some games to play with children with autism and explains how they can help.


Mimicry and Play

Raphaelle Doyon of Paris 8 University with her talk “Imitating, being imitated, a project of performative interaction for children with autism”.